The Ride

by Flash,Andrew Powell

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first solo album!


released March 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Andrew Powell (flash) Greentown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Andrew Powell - The Walking Dead
screaming scratching biting at me
guns knives and darkness found me
flesh is hanging brains are dragging
blood is flying faces sagging

groaning is the sound around me
spitting slashing vision cloudy
heart is racing head is pounding
aiming shooting all around me

the dead are alive you better run and hide
pack up your guns and throw your kids in the car
if your not smart you will not make it very far
there's panic there is rage there are zombies chasing me
there are body's with no graves becoming slaves to this plague

blowing heads of this is madding
smell is horrid its like a bad dream
infected feeding on the slower
get a truck and run them over

start a fire here's some matches
burn them up its the fastest
the fear is growing ever closer
you might not last till October
Track Name: 72 Hours
lock the windows and the doors
they want you to stay some more
have a piece of our pie
soon you wont feel alive

kicking scratching rusty nails
dried up oranges who knows well
serious faces happy smiles
latching on all the while

there coming to get you
there coming to take you
there trying to get you
there coming to take you

skeleton corpses and creepy songs
soon you will start to sing alone
your not careful you know where
wind up sitting months and years
Track Name: Buried Alive
waking up and all i see the darkness that's surrounding me
i reach around but its no use there's no space there's no room

im buried six feet down im screaming there's no sound
i start panic i see that there's nothing helping me
im scratching at the surface theres no way ill ever get out
someone please set me i cant breath i cant see

loosing hope and loosing faith i think ive been here for days
feeling anxious feeling down soon ill be dead never found

out of control
loosing my soul
im buried alive
its not my time
someone help me
before i die
Track Name: Red Faced Jim
my name is red face Jim and i just don't give a shit
my heater doesn't work and im getting real pissed at it
my dog is in the way and im crashing through the gate
its early in the morning why the hell am i awake

jimmys getting red face you better stay away
if you disobey he'll bake your ass into a cake
its so early in the morning wheres his coffee wheres his crape
you never want to be in this is red jims way

Red Red Red Faced Jim

my name is red face jim and i cant find my boots
when i get my red face doesn't mean i have to poop
my dog just chewed my knife and my cats a waste of life
when i get this mad you don't want to start a fight

jims getting red face you better stay away
if you disobey he'll bake your ass into a cake
its so early in the morning wheres his coffee wheres his crape
you never want to be in this is red jims way
Track Name: No Survivors
on that night air so cold everyone's growing old
standing there with a stare wondering how can this be fair
how did we become this how are we supposed to feel
how do we get through this whats next out there?

i thought i told you when i came here
that i wasn't ready to deal with the fear
and then you told me it was ok and i believed
you and now im stuck up down in this place

whats it take wheres this going
what comes next wheres the motive
how could he keep us down in this place
what does he want how can we escape
there has to be a way
this is just a bad day

his face is scard bones are broken
barley speaks of the moment
he has been down here for weeks
his body is dying so slowly
i look over in your eyes
i see the sadness deep inside

escape is what we want and what we'll
never get
i told you i didn't want to go back into this
everything is hopeless now im dying in the mist
i never needed this i could not resist

have us
save us
free us
dont leave us
i dont think that any of us deserved part in this
all we we ever wanted was a life easy to live

light is fading i am going
i cant breath heart is slowing
i look at you and see youve past
i cant belive it happened like that
hopfully something better is near
i know now i have no fear
Track Name: MIke Kellogg 3
what if mike was one of us
just as cool as all of us
stay away from younger sluts
and the dirty drugs

hey mike kellogg where have you gone
heard u ran away with another dumb blonde
we are all lost cause your not around
Looked allover but your nowhere to be found

whooaa mike kellogg where have you gone
whoaa mike kellogg we miss your little red dong

hey there mk what can we say
heard your getting married soon someday
how is the baby we have to ask
now that your married poor and white trash

whoaa mike kellogg we never had a chance
whoa think we lost you when she took off her training pants
Track Name: Night Of The Storm
whipping trees and breaking glass
my hearts pounding so fucking fast
blurry vision angry thoughts
the wheels are screaming brain is lost

black and white the colors are gone
you tell me to calm down but im gone
cant slow me down cant stop me now
when im inside here its going down

locked down at the bottom stairs
brains screaming i don't care
bloods pumping im on the run
i need to get the hell out of the storm

feelings that i cant control
digging me i down in a whole
cant seem to figure out
how this all had come about

night of the storm
night of the storm
forever no more
night of the storm
you've been warned

alcohol in your veins
mistakes you make they wont change
from here on out for the rest of the time
i wont be searching through your mind

colors breathing back to life
think its time you put down the knife
walk away and you'll be fine
i wont see you all the time

night of the storm
night of the storm
forever no more
night of the storm
Track Name: The Ride
95 pedals down your not making a fucking sound
my head is lost time is fine i think i might be going blind
you had me at hey whats up you lost me when you drank that cup
i don't know how i feel but im alright behind the wheel

maybe someday ill see you around
but from here on out im leaving town
im running out your head is filled with fucking lies
ill never understand this time

but i cant believe you fucked him
i just cant believe you fucked him
how could you have fucked hi
i guess ill never know

staring blankly at the road i wish i had never read that note
brains all tied up filled with lies i had no clue that you tried
wild ride ran through the night cops all over ready to fight
now im here and your there i just wish that i could care

maybe someday ill see you around
but from here on out im leaving this town